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Dear Stefan

Game Designer | Artist

Key Facts

'Dear Stefan' is an adorkable physics puzzler about hedgehogs and love letters.

Set in the pinkest mailroom in the world, the hedgehogs lost all the love letters and Stefan, the Hedgehog, needs

your help to recover them all!

By switching platforms, you will help the falling hedgehogs to collect and deliver the letters.

But it's not as easy as it seems, as there are bouncy, breakable and windy obstacles on your way!

No hedgehogs were hurt in the making of this game.


56 levels with several types of platforms and challenges.

Bounce the hedgehogs!

Switch platforms to help the hedgehogs collect the love letters before going to the mail box.

Use wind to throw them!


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After living in Japan and adventures involving a Polish friend, a bunch of Whiskey and the cutest hedgehog cafe, game dev Mariana Cacique created this pink, soft mobile game.

Developed during a hot LA summer, mail delivering hedgehogs might have been the result of a dehydration fever dream. We will never know.